Four things i love about Slavic Women

Are you sick and tired of American women?

Let me share my dating experience and some major things I loved about my Slavic girlfriend.

Reflecting on my dating experiences, my most memorable relationships have been with Slavic women. The beauty, elegance, and the FOOD these women provide is matched by none. As an American man, I would highly discourage American guys from dating Slavic women (so more are available for me). Thinking back on times with these women, here are four memorable qualities from my Slavic relationships.


Amazing Cooking Skills

There’s full, and then there’s eating to limits not thought possible before. When you date a Slavic girl, and she cooks for you, there’s one rule: “eat pelmeni or eat else!”.


I recall times, when my girlfriend had a seven course meal prepared, with each course seeming like it could be a meal by itself. During each course, you’ll have your serving, and think it’s time for the next course. Oh, not so fast! After you finish your portion, you’ll look at her with your “I’m done” face.


Of course, she’ll gaze back with her adorable cat-like look, while she’s scooping more food onto your plate. After this exchange, you will realize that there is no way out, but eating another serving of her yummy food. Culturally, women are accustomed to continuing feeding you until you can not eat anymore.


I loved the warmth from the emotional and physical satiation. It made for the best part of the weekend with your Slavic woman. You are never hungry!


Exploring the city and connecting


One of the best dates you’ll enjoy with a Slavic woman is going on a walk with her at to a nearby city park. I’d recommend setting a curfew to start with because a nice walk could turn into an all day and night event adventure if with no regulations are imposed.

Slavic women are brilliant ladies and can discuss matters beyond the Kardashians, nonsense drama, or the newest fashion trend to look uglier (later). Depending on your interest, your conversation could wander into the history of where she’s from, her country’s history and culture.

Later, you’ll be learning about the art and music of her country, and how the western region’s style is entirely different from the eastern part, and why they don’t get along. She will enchant you will story of her family and childhood. At this point, you’ve been walking for 7-8 hours, and it feels like the conversation just started. It Is amazing.


Beauty takes time


A tip for all the gentlemen out there who make plans depending on a Slavic girl’s punctuality, tell her to be ready an hour before the time you want her to be prepared. Leaving the house is an event for these women. However, you will be rewarded.

They spend this time getting ready, doing up their hair, makeup, and selecting their clothes. When they finally emerge, it’s as if you’re slow-motion scene in a movie as the world around you stops for a moment, as you’re stunned by their beauty and elegance.

They dress in a way where you are proud of their beauty, not like American girls race to the bottom to wear the least amount of clothing. Your Slavic girlfriend looks will make you feel proud, and you will want to show her off to your friends and your family.


Family relationships


For most Americans, we live in different cities from our parents. A few phone calls here, and there is the extent of family interactions. Not so much for Eastern European ladies.

With Slavic women, if some of her family is in her country of origin, and some of her family may reside in America. Typically, these relationships are generally stronger than American family relationships. For example,  cousins are another part of their immediate family, which means they are part of the relationship.

So anytime she visits her family, and you get drugged along, a simple afternoon could turn into a family get together with ten people telling you about the old country in a language you don’t understand. It is fun but it can get long and overwhelming.


Conclusion: Slavic women – the old world femininity, caring, and beauty


There are many women from around the world. Given the rise of feminism, and the corresponding absence of femininity from women in the West, new parts of the world are worth exploration by men seeking fulfilling relationships with women. For any man considering foreign women, I would strongly advocate that Slavic women be at the top of that list (they are for me).


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