Blogging vs. rollerblading, or why blog?

The post is my first post. Ever. Frankly, I am scared, excited and nervous all at once.

I am wondering if I will be any good at blogging. It is intimidating to share my journey as an immigrant. I hid it for so long! I worry whether I could become fun, educational and easy to read author?

Lessons from rollerblading

This morning I realized I felt this way before, unsure, scared and self-doubtful. It happened earlier this year when I was learning how to rollerblade. I remember, my first rollerblade ride and how bad it was. I slipped and fell several times. Once I got hurt and was bleeding. A day after I got injured I was back on my trail. I wanted to GET BETTER. Rollerblading was also exhilarating, scary and breath-taking all at once. I had no idea what to do or where to start.

So, what I did was simple: I put my roller blades on and stepped on the sidewalk. First few steps were awkward, and I lost my balance a few times, but the more I strolled down the streets, the more confidence I gained and more skills I developed.

Three major lessons I learned from my rollerblading journey are:

  1. It is not as hard as it looks
  2. We learn by not thinking about it
  3. Your skills will grow with time

I will apply those lessons to my blogging and start writing and will continue building my skills and improving over time.

Why blog? What difference will this blog make? Who will benefit?

First, I care about my readers because I am an immigrant and have been on the journey for 15 long years. Today I believe that once I know something that may bring good to others, it is my responsibility to share it.

Second, if my blog will inspire ONE person to take action and gain benefit from my advice and knowledge – my mission is complete! Helping people was always a passion of mine, and I guess sharing knowledge by telling my story is one of many ways one could do it.

Lastly, Sharing my journey in an honest, open and truthful manner may also inspire others to connect and to have open conversations about their journeys, challenges, and solutions by building a bigger community, where we can help each other to grow and make the world a better place. I know, this sound. Well, little grandiose, BUT… That is how I feel in my heart about the value of this blog.

  • What do you think? What connected with you in the post?
  • Please share with me, so I can make it better over time…

P.S. And by the way, today, six months after I started rollerblading, my record is 11.5 miles. Big change from a few steps on that cold and sunny January afternoon when I started.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me and reading it…

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