Top 10 TurboTax features to help you file taxes for FREE

Are you debating how to file your taxes this year? You can use any of the free online software solutions such as


Today we will discuss Top 10 features of TurboTax Free edition that can help you to file your taxes online, free and easy.


1.      Most current tax laws

Tax laws change. When you file your tax return, you want to be sure that you take advantage of the most current IRS Individual Federal and State Income Tax publications. With TurboTax, you can be confident that the software includes all IRS updates.


2.      Dependents tax breaks.

Whether you have a relative, your child, step-child or your parent who lives with you, you are assured TurboTax will help you to decide whether your relative qualifies as a dependent and also will assist in getting the most from tax breaks such as Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC), and child tax credit


3.      Faster filing for return customers

If you file last year with TurboTax, you will be able to freely transfer all last years data into your 2018 tax return, which in turn will save you time, hassle and assure your tax return is free of manual errors.


4.      Watch your refund/taxes due as you go

The feature is by far one of my favorite features of the program. ExplainWhy feature will provide customized tax tips to explain how the data you are entering into the application will affect your taxes. Additionally, you will be able to watch your refund/taxes due to number change every single time you add new information.


5.     Easy to get started

You can get started today, by importing all the last year data from any tax software, all you need is a copy of the last year return in PDF format. Once you upload the last year return most of the personal information will be populated for you, which will again, save you time.


6.     Any device, anywhere

You might start your 2018 return on your desktop, continue on your laptop, add a few finishing touches on your tablet and file using your phone! Seamlessly and securely switch between all your electronic devices and complete the return at your convenience. The software automatically saves all your work. Whether you want to finish your return all at once or take your time, it is up to you. Move at your own pace and work on it when it is convenient.


7.     One step at the time, taxes simplified

One question at the time software will walk you through all the questions, to leverage every tax break and life events that may have an impact on your taxes. We guide you through life changes and their impact on your taxes.


8.      Get your money faster with e-file

E-filing your taxes will assure your file and receive your federal and state tax returns fast. This year my state tax refund arrived ten days after I filed and my federal within two weeks. Your Federal and State refunds and taxes due can be deposited into or paid directly from your checking account. Easy and simple.

9.      Customized tax tips and advice

At no extra charge, TurboTax will provide expert tax advice on how to manage your taxes for the next year return. From your paycheck withholdings, healthcare insurance, and many other topics, TurboTax has your back!


10.    Finish your state return faster and for free

Once you complete your federal tax filing, TurboTax will transfer all your information over to your state tax return to help you finish quickly and easily. The service is included for free when you file with TurboTax Free Edition.


Feel free to check out TurboTax Online Free Edition and file your income taxes free and easy online.

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