Career Management 101: How to get promoted, be happier and make more money in your job

Do you like your current job but don’t feel professionally challenged? Or maybe your performance reviews are good, but you are your salary is not reflecting your efforts? Do you feel stuck and ready for a career change, but don` want to leave your current employer? Are you wondering, how to get promoted and make more in your current position?

This post will help you to learn new career management skills. Today, I will introduce personally proven program focused on helping you to get promoted, get more satisfaction and get a raise in any job.

This is the first part of the three-part plan.


Step 1: Understand the big picture

First things first, i want to set the record straight, by telling you the harsh truth: seniority in your current job will not yield pay raises! Meaning, if you do tomorrow the same thing you did yesterday why on Earth employer should pay you more money? They will not.

To get promoted and get a raise you will need to learn how to learn more, contribute more so you can get promoted and make more money. Are you in? 

So, lets get started. First, you need to understand a big picture. Sometimes, when we hyper-focused on our day-to-day tasks, we miss a bigger picture. The big picture is the macro-economic climate that your company operates in. The overall climate has a significant effect on the company`s future earnings and therefore, on your future career potential in the company. Having a wider lens will help you to aim better and be more strategic about your efforts.

What can you do now?

  • Subscribe to a company`s news and press releases
  • Listen to quarterly company-wide conference calls
  • Pay attention to the themes, challenges and strategic initiatives your team is driving
  • Most importantly- ask your manager:
    • What is our focus now? What is important?
    • What is our biggest challenge?
    • What is the strategy to achieve our targets?

I do realize i am asking you to do extra work. Here is why: by reading news, asking questions and learning more about industry trends you will set yourself for success. The new information will help you to align your career goals and your efforts with the company`s goals and strategy.


Step 2: Set expectations with your manager


Your manager is busy. He or she manages your group, business unit or a department. Most likely, your manager has no idea about your career needs, aspirations, talents or objectives. You cannot count on him to drive your goals or advocate for you. It is your job!

Most likely your manager is so busy, that he barely has time to manage his work. Your job is politely and tactfully bring your manager up to speed about your needs for growth in your career.

What can you do now?

  • Ask for a face-to-face meeting or a phone call, if your manager is working remotely
  • Express gratitude about your current role, highlight things you appreciate the most
  • Communicate your desire to grow, take on more challenging tasks and help to drive departments goals by contributing to projects
  • Do not mention your salary or your need for more money, not yet!


My Story:

The steps I outlined above is precisely what I did to get started on my path to get promoted.

Let`s review an example of my career progression from a Freight Audit and Logistics Coordinator to Regional Logistics Manager at Advanced Energy within 12 months while overcoming some major obstacles.

First, when i started in my new role, I had no clue about solar panel manufacturing, semiconductors or an electronics manufacturing in general. It was a new vertical for me.

Second, my new job was hard, and most of the time I felt stupid in my new role. I did not get acronyms, I did not understand manufacturing processes, and our ERP (enterprise management program) scared daylights out of me.

Additionally, I did not speak business English well and was raising two kids under six at the same time. To say it was hard to focus on work is to say nothing. Seriously. Half of the time I was not even awake at work. Well, mostly awake… sort of awake….

What did I do?

Bigger picture. I started by figuring out who is Advanced Energy, what they do, what is going on in the industry, and what are the challenges a company is facing. Most things i learn did not make sense at that point.

Set expectations and communicate to management. Shortly after I started in the job, i walked to HR and inquired about education assistance programs, internal training opportunities and expressed my desire to grow in my role.

When i met with my manager he was not excited. It seems he had doubts if I could do the job the company hired me to do in the first place. Honestly, I had the same doubts. However, we did have a good discussion.

Later, I also had a similar conversation with my manager`s manager- our Supply Chain director. He was polite, supportive and he promised to give me extra assignments.

Does not sound that hard, so far, right?

In the next two posts, we will continue our discussion about how to secure a promotion, get more satisfaction and get a raise in any job!

Stay tuned and thank you for reading subscribing to my posts. Your views, likes, and comments mean a world to me!

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