Happy New Year to You and Your Family

Today is January 3rd,   2018 is in the past now, and 2019 is here. I am super excited about this new year; I have a feeling it will be an awesome year for you, I could tell.

First, I also wanted to say HUGE THANK YOU for your continuous support and readership in 2018. Thank you for being there for me, reading my posts and commenting in groups and Facebook discussions. Your opinion is immensely valuable, and it helps me to become a better blogger. I appreciate you.


Because of you, Thrive in America Blog grew from zero to

over 230 subscribers and hit over 11,000 views in less than four months.

Thank you!


Next, I wish you, that your 2019 will be like no other year. I wish that your dreams and goals will come true. I wish your patience, perseverance, and success on your journey. I wish you great relationships with your family and supportive friends. However, most importantly, I wish you and your family health and wellness in this new year! The rest will come. Trust me. I want to remind you.

You are the craziest, most courageous, and the most incredible person on Earth. You did something amazing. Be proud!

You`ve immigrated 10,000 miles away from home to build a whole new and better life in America. There is NOTHING that can stop you on your path to your dreams. I Believe in You.


Love you, sincerely, Sasha Stewart


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